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Loch Lomond Byelaws and Waterborne Ranger Services

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All vessels must give way to:

  •  Fishing boats
  •  Boats not under command
  •  Boats constrained by their draught
  •  Any boats they are overtaking
  •  Boats restricted in their ability to manoeuvre
  •  Power boats must give way to sail boats

Speed Limits

There is a statutory 11 kilometres per hour speed limit up to 150 metres off all shores both mainland and island. A dead slow speed is required in "The Narrows" and in all rivers.

Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway, Balloch
G83 8QX
01389 722030

About Loch Lomond Byelaws and Waterborne Ranger Services

Water-based National Park Rangers on Loch Lomond can be found at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway in Balloch. They deal largely with matters relating to craft usage on Loch Lomond. The Water Rangers will help with water safety are happy to answer your questions and give advice to anyone using Loch Lomond and the surrounding area.

National Park Water Rangers also oversee the launch and recovery of craft brought to the slipway. They check registration marks are correct, that the appropriate number and design of lifejackets are on board each boat and complete launch slips with details of the boat to be launched and her crew.

The National Park Rangers advise and help with the registration process, issue registration packs and explain the basic rules when boating on Loch Lomond. They will also deal with contraventions of the byelaws on the loch.

Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway, Balloch
Tel: 01389 722030
VHF channel 80; callsign 'National Park Slipway'

  •  Launch facilities (charges applicable) and trailer park
  •  Base for the water-borne Rangers and boat registration
  •  Shower, toilet and changing facilities
  •  Full range of leaflets
  •  Shop selling lifejackets, other boating items and Loch Lomond cruise tickets

There are compulsory fees for launching motorised craft at National Park Authority launch facilities (Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway). There are two fee options, an annual launch fee or a single use fee. For more information, telephone 01389 722030.

Annual Launch Fee
This is a once a year payment for unlimited use of the launching facilities at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway. It is set at £55 a year for each craft; payment for this service can be made in advance. Your user identification card will be issued prior to 1 April.

Single Use Fee
This is a payment to accommodate first time or infrequent visitors. For a single use of our launch facilities the fee is set at £15 per craft and per launch (launch and retrieval).

Operations Payment (voluntary, effective from 31 January each year)
The amount requested is £30 per year for each craft.

Canoes and Kayaks
Please note, the slipway fees at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway apply if you use a vehicle and/or trailer to launch your canoe or kayak.

The compulsory slipway charges are used to help meet the operational costs associated with the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway. The voluntary operations payment is a contribution towards the cost of supporting a range of services on the loch including ongoing annual support to the Loch Lomond Rescue Boat, increased staff presence on the Loch Lomond islands at peak times, wildlife surveying and monitoring. Launch fees effective from 1 April each year.

In emergency, dial 999 to mobilise the Loch Lomond rescue boat based at Luss. Be ready to give as much information as possible as to your location, nature of emergency and whether persons are injured.

Current weather

Loch Lomond

  • Overcast
  • Temperature: 7 °C
  • Wind: East-Northeast, 4.6 mph
  • Pressure: 1010 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 87 %
  • Visibility: 4.3 mi
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Mon, 2020-09-28 06:50

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