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Scottish Poets and Scottish Writers

The land of the bens, the glens and the heroes

Poets and writers have been inspired by the unsurpassed beauty of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

Scott, Coleridge and Wordsworth to name but a few.

Below are works by local poets and writers who are inspired by Loch Lomond and Scotland.

Tam Craven - Scottish Writer and Poet

Tam Craven is a Scottish writer and poet based in central Scotland. Following a near fatal accident whilst working in the construction industry, Tam Craven's life changed forever. Within a few years, his life began to take another direction and today he is working on his eighteenth collection of poems and short stories.

Deeply inspired by the writings of Robert Burns, Tam's work takes a contemporary look at life in Scotland, often as it happens and always straight from the heart.  Most of all, he enjoys making people laugh!

Through his work and performances, Tam regularly supports charitable organisations in Scotland.

Scottish Poets and Poems

A Scottish Holiday by Peter M Harvey

On one fine and sunny day
My bonnie we lassie and I went to Scotland to stay
We took the high road and stopped for a dram
And met all the members of the clan

We found a place to rest and eat
Near a Loch with waters deep
The scenery was magnificent sparkling and bright
Reflecting shadows in the sunlight

My bonnie we lassie and I walked on the banks of the Loch
And found in the water a piece of rock
Loch Lomond is its name
In songs and poems to its fame

Our holiday in Scotland was wonderful to be sure
We visited towns and villages all over the place
Travelling to the islands off the seashore
And saw the workers making their lace

The highlanders played their bagpipes on high
For us all silhouetted against the blue sky
The seas and lochs are something to behold
Scotland is to be sure a land of gold

Our beautiful holiday in Scotland a time to remember
In that wonderful month of September
Sadly now my bonnie we lassie has passed on
We will never again meet on the banks of Loch Lomond


When Visiting Scotland by James Shand Barker

Take a stroll or a boat sail, hire a horse, go for a ride
Snap some photos of the wild birds that gently glide
There is something for all ages to be found by the loch
Even if its just watching the animals feed at the trough

This area attracts lovely people who keep coming back
For scenery and accommodation, there is nothing it will lack
If you have doubts, come and see it yourself some fine day
Nothing in this world youll find can then pull you away

When visiting Scotland at Loch Lomond side
This beautiful area is the place to reside
With walks that cant be surpassed or stunning views
Seeing God's beauty all around can only be good news



Sounds of Silence by Blair (age 11)

Can you hear the moon shining over Loch Lomond?
Can you hear the salmon jumping up the waterfall?
Can you hear the rocks drowning under the water?
Can you hear the water snake slithering up behind you?

No, these are the sounds of silence


A Loch For All Seasons by Mary Stewart Young, Balfron

A haze of bluebells lines the curve of the brae
On lush green pasture, blackfaced lambs are at play
warmed by soft sunshine. Green shoots start to unfold
on hills now daubed by a drifting brush of gold.
The first cuckoo signals springtime to the bens
and primroses open faces in deep glens
A buzzard rests on a fencepost for a while,
surveying his scene. Three wild goats, single-file,
pick their way along a narrow rocky pass
Two hares box at each other in the long grass

The loch dazzles in a diamond tiara
On warm white sand, the red-billed oystercatcher
dances to its own name. A herd of roe deer
comes down to a rockpool to drink from the clear
cool water, fawns hiding by their does, shy
Far, far above them in a cobalt blue sky
Soar two golden eagles, just tiny black motes
to the naked eye. Too hot in shaggy coats
laze Highland cows in a daisy-filled meadow,
gazing at life through a sweet summer window

The hills wear purple cloak of heather
Early morning mist phantoms dance together
Spires of red, yellow, copper and golden brown
Are mirrored in the gunmetal water, deep down
A Skein of pinkfeet geese, in V-formation
has flown non-stop to this balmier location
Whooper swans skim in low over the birch trees,
trumpeting their entrance to the autumn breeze
In still waters, trout and salmon are spawning
In dark grey corries, red deer stags are roaring

A lone pheasant, scarlet and green shimmering
in the lustre of snow tinged ink by scudding
crimson-edged clouds, wends his way like a drunken
reveller beneath tall Scots pines and rowan
trees full with berries. By the shore, snow bunting
cheerily search for food. On the bank, hunting
stealthily, brush stark against white, a red fox
slinks through juniper bushes and black rocks
A heron, plumage like silk, stands sentinel
to a winter landscape, vibrant, beautiful

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