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Strathblane Falconry Scotland

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Strathblane Falconry Lessons near Loch Lomond and Glasgow

Falconry will give you the unique experience of free flying and handling trained birds of prey, either in the spectacular Blane Valley, or at a venue of your choice around Loch Lomond in Scotland. From flying experiences to full day activity Hawk Walks, hunting with your bird of prey. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and tread the Scottish heather.

Gift Vouchers available : an unusual gift!

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About Strathblane Falconry Scotland

From the diminutive White Faced Scops Owl to the impressive Turkmanian Eagle Owl; from the humble Kestrel to the awe-inspiring Peregrine, you'll be instructed in the handling of these magnificent birds.

Whether you choose an introductory lesson or to participate in a demonstration, you will have the opportunity to have one of these proud and beautiful birds swooping to your fist and to sense the ancient appeal of teamwork - bird and human working together.

Activities to be enjoyed during your falconry session:

  •  Introductory Lesson
  •  Hawk Walk
  •  Owl Handling
  •  Hawking - half or full day
  •  Flying demonstrations

N.B. Falconry subject to weather conditions (heavy rain, strong wind, etc)

Gift Vouchers are available for purchase.

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